A Weekend with Grand Groove DJs

Grand Groove DJs were in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. I am a couple of weeks late in posting this, but better late than never, right? If you haven’t heard of them, then you need to take a listen, literally. Grand Groove DJs is comprised of DJ Big Jacks and DJ Royale. Both of these hip and cool dudes are from my favourite city: Toronto.

The Grand Groove DJs and Bozack
The Grand Groove DJs and Bozack

Way back when I used to work at Aritzia Eaton Centre, we had the absolute pleasure of having in-store DJs. It was tradition for a couple of years, that DJ Royale would spin on Fridays from  3-6pm and DJ Big Jacks would spin from 3-6pm on Saturdays. Customers loved it, and so did the staff. It made working those days so much fun! In retrospect, I am surprised either DJ didn’t slap me for requesting Justin Timberlake and Neyo tracks every single week. Both DJs have a distinct yet similar sound, and together, well they are pretty much dynamite.

Now these two spin at many parties and events in Toronto (when I lived in the city, I went to so many!) , and have even become internationally known. This upcoming Labour Day weekend, they are taking their talents to NYC. Ottawa was lucky to have them hit the nation’s capital. I rarely go out these nights, but broke my silence and made an appearance at Ritual night club, where they were performing. It was a fabulous and sweaty night of dancing and singing along to the best hip hop and rnb tracks. DJ Big Jack’s business partner and friend, Al aka Bozack Morris, also came. It was awesome to see him!

Grand Groove DJs always play the best music.

Saturday night, the DJs were not spinning anywhere, so I hung out with them for a bit. We went to El Camino, one of Ottawa’s coolest and well known eateries.  And a trip to Ottawa is not the same without a scenic walk along the canal, so we ensured that happened too. We reminisced about old times, talked about different hip hop/rnb artists, and just had a chill time just kicking it. Back in 2008, DJ Big Jacks and Bozack Morris spun at my parents retirement party at their house in Ancaster. It was a night to remember and people still talk about that jam.

A trip down memory lane. Circa 2008 at the Double Marshall Retirement Jam.
A trip down memory lane. Circa 2008 at the Double Marshall Retirement Jam.
Had to show them some of Ottawa's gems like El Camino.
Had to show them some of Ottawa’s gems like El Camino.
The famous "Dick" photo at El Camino
The famous “Dick” photo at El Camino

The next time you are in Toronto, make sure to check out one of the Grand Groove DJ events. You will be sure to have a great time with the best music and best vibes.

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