An Interview with Marcus Kan from Fusion of Effects

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted about meeting my Spirit Twin – Marcus Kan. He is one of a kind (technically two of a kind since we are spirit twins) and extremely creative and talented.    Well, I thought I would take it a step further and interview him. Really dig deep and see what secrets and dirt I could weasel out of him.  He kindly obliged and the results are noted below.

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Fusion of Effects


Hey Tough Guy ;)
Hey Tough Guy 😉

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Penguin. I just love how it looks!

What did you go to school for? And are you doing anything directly related to your education?

I got a degree in Economics, and now I work in the fashion industry. The only thing that I learned in university that is slightly related to my job right now is the supply and demand curve.

What is your career? What do you do?

I create offline events for an online magazine called FAJO Magazine. I am also a contributor to Dolce & Gabbana’s Swide Magazine. I talk about fashion illustrations there! Oh, and I have just become a co-founder of a digital agency called Donut Digital Agency. Find me if you need digital marketing solutions!

Biggest career accomplishment?

Biggest career accomplishment right now is my Draw A Dot. baby. It took me 2 years to connect with illustrators around the world and seeing it being recognized by CFDA makes me proud all the time!

Craziest thing you have ever done?

Hahaha, this I can’t tell. Ask me in private. 🙂

Pick One: Black or White. Grey is not an acceptable answer.


What was the worst fashion piece you have ever purchased? Best piece?

Oversized Burberry dress shirt was my worst fashion purchase, since I thought oversized was a great idea back then. Best piece? I can’t pick one, because all my ties are my babies!


Biggest pet peeve?

According to my partner in crime, my biggest pet peeve is when I show up at a runway show and don’t see my name on the first 3 rows, I will walk away. My answer to this pet peeve? R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Biggest dream and aspiration?

I want to travel to different big cities and curate fashion illustration shows! And yes, I want to always wear nice clothes!

Recall one of the biggest learning moments in your career.

This might not completely related to my career, but it helped me to create better events since then. In 2010, I hosted a party for my blog’s 1st anniversary. At that moment, I had no idea how sponsorship worked, so everything didn’t go according to plan, not to mention I didn’t get much sponsorship. However, that party also had the best photo booth to date (people are still talking about it). Now I know if I need to host a party, I need at least 6 months to prepare.

What qualities do you find attractive in other people? What are deal breakers?

I like the inner qualities more than the physical ones. I used to attract to people who have beautiful faces, but now, it’s more the personalities and the chemistry. I can’t exactly tell you what qualities I find attractive the most in people, because this will probably make me have no friends. As for deal breakers, if you are lazy, no goal in life, and 420 is your best friend, then I don’t think we can continue to have any relationship.

Kanye West or Drake? Yes, this is important.

Well I used to like Kanye after he lost his mind. Now I am pretty much on team Drizzy

Favorite fashion icon? If you say Nicki Minaj, this interview is over.

I, of course, am a huge fan of her! Come on, haha! My fashion icon is Brad Goreski, I want all his Louboutins! I also want to dress like Justin Timberlake sometimes!

How do you relax?

Watch movies, listen to my favourite music, and chill out with my favourite people! Recently, I started to like running too!

Your nicknames? If you don’t have any, I will give you one.

Marky Mark since 1998.

Song of the moment for you?


Can I pinch you?

Haha, try!

Advice you would give a group of people:

Do what your instinct tells you to do. Never back down because others don’t approve your decisions (True story).

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