An Autumn Walk with My Horse Tobakiss

Last weekend I was home in the Ancaster area and had the pleasure of taking Tobakiss on an autumn walk (and by walk, I mean I rode him so it was more of a trail ride). Autumn is one of my favourite times of of year for a couple of reasons:

  • fall fashion – arguably the best fashion of the year
  • beautiful autumn leaves and colors
  • perfect temperature to do outdoor activities such as trail rides and hiking
  • fresh Ontario produce – apples!

Tobakiss is my beloved pony (he is actually a horse ;p) that I have had since I was 12. He has been there through thick and thin for me. When I was younger and had a bad day, I could go out to the farm for a visit and cry my eyes out and not be judged with any expectations. His calm demeanor and lap dog personality always was a comfort. To this day, he still maintains that disposition. What is hard now, is that I do not see him nearly as often as I would like. The distance between Ottawa and Ancaster is a bit of a challenge.

Walks with Toby

The property that Tobakiss lives on is conveniently located about a 10 minute walk down the road to Christie Conservation area. It has beautiful and well maintained trails for all to enjoy. Even during inclement weather, it is still a great place to be. In many areas, the trees line both sides of the paths, creating a natural canopy to keep everyone dry. On sunny days, the light sneaks through all of the cracks in the canopy and creates images that you would only dream of.

Alice in Wonderland

One of my favorite trails at Christie Conservation is the “Hill ‘n Dale”. It created an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole vibe. If you notice in the above photo, the trees have bowed towards each other creating the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, there was a clearing. This made for the perfect photo opportunity. Due to the transitions between summer to autumn, the branches had lost of their leaves, and created a cushiony but colorful floor.


At Christie, there is no shortage of natural beauty. One of my favourite spots, is the bridge. It gives me an adrenaline rush every time I approach it. It leads across an open area. I have seen all kinds of wild life there; deer, hawks soaring above, and rabbits hopping in the tall grass. I fear that one day I will see a bear. This is one of the best spots to just take in all that nature has to offer. Early on, I used to always have a fear that Tobakiss would jump off the bridge with me on him. I know he never would because he is so calm and willing. I am not so sure about Griffin though. I think if I were to ever take him across the bridge, he may have a hidden agenda up his sleeve.

Good Boy Pats

The old guy still has it in him. He was nothing short of perfect on that autumn walk. It makes a big difference having a cooperative equine partner, as it allows me to relax and enjoy the scenery and the moment. At one point on the walk, we crossed paths with an Asian family taking photos. They got really excited and asked if they could take photos with Tobakiss. Of course I allowed them to, and he just stood there like a statue as they took at least 20 pictures. Who wouldn’t want family photos with a picturesque autumn backdrop, and a big chocolate brown horse?


I certainly wore the wrong colored shirt this day. I feel as though I blend into the grass, giving the illusion that I am part of a shadow. But nonetheless, I am still grateful that a few of the moments were captured from the autumn walk. Living in Ottawa and Tobakiss living in the Ancaster area, doesn’t allow for many trail rides throughout the year. As always before I leave, I always give Tobakiss lots of kisses and carrots.



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      1. It sure is, as are the requisite hikes in Gatineau Park. Though, I can’t say I enjoy some of the cool and wet temperature we’ve been getting.

        I have been good. Having returned from vacation a few weeks ago. Getting back into work mode is still a struggle haha

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