Christmas Socks Instead of Christmas Sweaters


The Holiday season is one of my most favourite times of the year. It’s special because it marks a time of when many of us reconnect and catch up on things we have done throughout the year. To add an element to the fun, I decided to throw in the idea of Christmas sweaters, you know, the ugly Christmas ones? My idea was faced with a lot of protest, so we compromised on Christmas socks instead.

Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater
My oh so impressed face! LOL. Sweater is from Public Butter on Queen St W. Photo taken by Goran Petkovski. 

It is certainly easier to find reasonably priced socks than sweaters. Many vintage stores have jumped on this growing trend and have started to significantly raise the price of ugly Christmas sweaters. With socks, it would be hard pressed and unhygienic to find a store that sold used ones. Alas, for under $10, everyone can be festive and fun.

DIY Socks

DIY Socks! Give it a try! Photo taken by Meg Marshall. 
Not too ugly… Photo taken by Goran Petkovski.

I was very excited and impressed when I found intentional DIY ugly Christmas sock kits. Randomly, they were hanging at the checkout line at Winners. It was by a brand called Make ‘Em Ugly. The socks had an image pre-printed on them and then came with many extra adornments that could be added as desired. Picture sequins, faux fur trim, pom poms and googly eyes. I would recommend not using the cheap crazy glue provided in the kits. For lack of a better phrase, it sucked! Instead, using standard hot glue proved to be much more successful.

Party Time

Christmas socks in all of their glory. Photo taken by Goran Petkovski.

At my Friendsmas brunch Holiday celebration, everyone felt at ease walking in sporting Christmas socks. No one was an easy target of being ridiculed for their heinous foot attire. The socks were inconspicuous. It was only when we all rolled up our pants to show them off did anybody know. Some of our socks were actually not as repulsive as I thought they would be and even stood a chance of being worn on occasions post Friendmas brunch. We all got excited and had a lot of fun with our Christmas socks! And a big thank you to the restaurant staff were were patient and tolerant of our shenanigans at Epicure on Queen St. West. Happy Holidays!

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  1. You’re crazy. Socks are meant to be fun! I have never heard of anyone being made fun of for having “weird” socks. Brands like Socksmith and Sock It To Me sell awesome socks.

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