Don’t Be Razorless in Cuba

I’m a workaholic. I’ll admit that. I take my job(s) very seriously and always want to make everyone happy. But JW convinced me (and I secretly wanted to go to hot destination) to go to Cuba. And so in mid February we booked an almost week long vacation for some fun in the sun.

Why Cuba?

White sand, crystal clear water and blue skies. What more could you want?
When you need to bed budget conscious and need to get away to a hot and oceanside destination, Cuba seems to fit the bill. Currently, as it stands, Americans are unable to travel to this country due to historic embargoes and negative relationships amongst one another. Due to the inability to tap into the American market, our Sunwing Travel representative told us this is why prices are very competitive. Should relations and regulations improve between these two (as Obama had started to get the ball rolling in this direction before the end of his presidency) then this could foreseeably mean a significant increase in prices for Cuba vacations.
The beaches and ocean are picture perfect in Cuba. Those white, sandy beaches always pictured in travel brochures are a reality. And the beautiful turquoise water that seems to go on forever exist there too. Hands down, that is what you are paying for. The food at the at the resorts, generally speaking, are high school cafeteria grade. Having been to 3 different resorts, generally between 3 and 4 star caliber, this food statement is pretty darn accurate.


Packing the Essentials


This is what should have made it into the suitcase….
No question whenever we travel somewhere, we always remember to pack enough clean under garments, our tooth brushes and passports. But sometimes we need to adjust and make special note of what should also be essentials for a specific destination. I certainly should have re-evaluated my packing list before zipping up my suitcase and boarding the plane.
A razor should have made my packing shortlist, but for whatever reason, I assumed shaving my legs the night before the trip would last until the end of the 6 day getaway. I was most certainly incorrect about this. By the end of the second day, I was quite upset and self conscious of my prickly legs and stubbly underarms. A bathing suit was going to be my most frequented article of clothing with 90% of my body exposed. How could I let the idea of not packing my razor slip my mind? If I was in an Arctic expedition and the reverse was happening where I was going to be hidden and covered up, the. I wouldn’t have cared.


Tracking Down a Razor


You really don’t know how to appreciate the everyday basics until you don’t have access to them. The Cuban resort gift shop did not sell razors (if you wanted Cuban cigars or rum, this was an easy thing to obtain). The front desk did not carry razors and referred me back to the gift shop. I even asked the cleaning staff if they knew where I could get one. I had to act out shaving my legs, charade style, for them to understand, but still came up empty handed. I had to come to terms with having carpet legs for he remainder of the trip.
All in all, the trip was good. I will probably save my money and go to a different country and aim for a minimum 4 star all inclusive resort and will certainly make sure to bring a razor!

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