Don’t Wash Your Denim

Ok that seems pretty extreme. But to put it in a realistic sense, don’t wash your denim that often. I am not making this up.  The CEO, Chip Bergh,at Lev’s  backs me on this one.  He tells everyone to actually not wash denim at all in a recent interview, as he is wearing year old denim that have never seen a washing machine (Watch the video cleip here: For the neat freaks and germaphobes out there, you are probably cringing and holding your nose. Better yet, possibly even scanning the jeans of those people around you wondering when they were last washed.

Denim bottoms, and even denim shirts and jackets, are pretty much a staple item in everyone’s closet. We all have our favourite pair or two and wear therm to death. Prolong their longevity by washing as infrequently as possible.  At my last denim count, I had over 25 pairs. A girl’s got to have certain types of washes, detailing, colors, etc.  A pair of tapered black jeans are not the same as a pair of tapered distressed black jeans.

We all have our favourite pairs...
We all have our favourite pairs…


Working Aritzia for the last 8 years, I have built up quite the collection of denim. And with those years I have learned a few tricks of the trade and seen some denim horror scenes. So here is what will likely happen if you do wash your denim:

  • color will run and fade (they could even run onto other garments and that would be a tragedy)
  • they will loose their shape and elasticity, inevitably giving you the saggy bum look (aka diaper pants)
  • significantly change the texture and durability of the fabric (you may as well flush that $250 down the drain for those awesome Rag and Bones you just got)


You can never have too much denim.
You can never have too much denim.

To keep your denim looking as good as new, try the following:

  • the obvious; refrain from washing them as much as possible
  • if you must wash them because that klutzy chic poured beer all over leg at the bar, then turn them inside out and machine wash them in cold water
  • do not, I repeat DO NOT put them in the dryer (ultimate denim killing machine); instead hang them to dry
  • use a specialty dark wash detergent if you are washing dark denim (helps  preserve the color)
  • wash like colors with like colors to prevent ruining any other favourite pieces of yours
  • if you have mega distressed denim, wash them in a garment bag (Dollarama sells these for guess what, a dollar!)
  • try and use a front loading washing machine rather than a top loading with a spindle (I have had some of my denim come out warped because they were twisted and caught around the spindle)
  • if you are concerned about the bacteria and grossness of not washing your denim that often, leave your jeans in the freezer for a day or two. The cold and frost kills the bacteria (I learned this trick at a Nudie Jeans PK event)
  • buy yourself a bottle of anti-bacterial Febreeze and spray down your denim every so often. It will leave them smelling nice too!
Light blue, dark blue, black, grey, white, colored many denim options....
Light blue, dark blue, black, grey, white, colored twill…so many denim options….
I take great comfort in my denim.
I take great comfort in my denim.


Hope you learned a thing or two.  If you have any other ideas, please leave me a comment. I promise I will respond.

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  1. Haha, this brings me back to when I first got a pair of Evisu about 10 years ago. I was reading on forums to how to take care of them and to wash it once and never to wash it again. I ended up washing it only 3x before I gave it away. I was always super careful not to get them dirty when I wore them.
    Hmm…maybe it’s time to get another pair, thinking Eternal or Samurai.

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