To fauna or Not to fauna? That is the Question…

The absolute definite answer to this is to fauna. For months upon months, a sign read, “coming very slowly”. And every time I passed by it, I always wondered what this spot was going to become. The curiosity behind the brown papered windows was finally revealed. fauna is Ottawa’s newest and trendiest restaurant that recently opened near the corner of Bank and Gladstone. Being from Toronto, this restaurant has the vibe and feel of being somewhere along King West.

Steak and Edamame

The restaurant had been planning on opening for the past 2 years, however they certainly took their time and ensured no detail was left untouched. I was immediately drawn to the lighting, admiring it from both inside and out. They used many local vendors and contractors for the construction of the space and various furniture pieces. And I recognized the serve wear that they were using, as I had a couple of pieces at home – they purchased it all from CB2. The decor has a very modern look and feel with an industrial twist (right up my alley!). 

Amazing decor!
Amazing decor!
All of the decor was for the most part locally sourced.
All of the decor was for the most part locally sourced.

And can we talk about the food? JD and I went here last Friday night. After a long work week, it was nice to end it off with some incredibly delicious food. The chefs/owners of fauna all have extensive culinary backgrounds, working for many other local and national restaurants. Bringing them all together created a wonderful food synergy.  The chef lineup includes Jon Svazas, Billy Khoo and is managed by Doug Parsonage. Their formula seems to be doing just fine! In my own words, I would describe the cuisine to be a modernized Asian fusion. Between the two of us, we each started off the meal with the seasonal potato soup. It was a perfect pureed blend with some complimentary spices. The tapas dishes that we ordered to share included steak with pureed edamame, a tempura skewer and a mushroom and rice dish. I would recommend to order a few dishes to share. Experience as much as you can!  And we couldn’t leave without trying something from their dessert menu. We ordered the flourless choclate cake. It was mouth watering and extremely tasty.

Delicious tempura skewer.
Delicious tempura skewer.
Floourless chocolate cake. To die for.
Floourless chocolate cake. To die for.
A picture of me taking a picture of the delicious food.
A picture of me taking a picture of the delicious food.

Fauna on Urbanspoon

fauna is only open for the dinner hours at this point in time. Book a reservation and let yourself be blown away in a great ambiance with some outstanding food. The two year wait was worth it for this new restaurant hot spot.

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  1. I love food posts lol
    Sounds great! I’ve been looking forward to trying this place for a while. Will most likely visit soon 😉

    1. Thanks for the comments thus far friends!

      Max, it is a must see!

      Tracey, you won’t be disappointed :).

      Happy eating and tell me what you think!

  2. My husband and I lived in a condo just down the road from here, and only when we moved did it finally open! We are wanting to go and try it out. Thanks for the review!

  3. Great piece! I had a great time there as well.. I was really impressed with the high quality and attention to detail that went into every decision..

    We were there for a late dinner, like 10 o’clock, and the place was packed! Reservations are definitely a must, a few days in advance.

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