Finally Got My Hands on a Proenza Schouler Bag

And there it was, just hanging and waiting for me on the rack. And by “it” I am referring to my recently acquired Proenza Schouler PSII mini. For years, and I mean years, I have been drooling over Proenza bags and  dreaming of owning one. They are not something one buys every day as they cost quite a few pretty pennies. Celebrities, fashion bloggers, and those in the fashion scene often covet and adorn Proenza pieces.

Sincerely Jules wearing a Prozena Schouler PS11 bag as part of her outfit.
Sincerely Jules, one of the top fashion bloggers wears a Proenza Schouler PSII with her outfit – photo taken directly from the website

Who is Proezna Schouler? 

Unlike many of the iconic fashion houses, there is not one sole individual that initially comprised the label Proenza Schouler the way Coco Chanel did for Chanel or how Gianni Versace did for Versace. The two people behind Proenza Schouler are Jack McCollough and Larazo Hernandez. They formed the now cult fashion house back in 2002 after collaborating on a year end project as they both finished up their studies at New York City’s Parsons School for Design. The two men named the company after their mother’s maiden names. Luxury retailer, Barney’s, bought their first collection, and the rest is history (information from

The Room at the The Bay

Don’t underestimate the quality, product and sales at The Room at Hudson’s Bay. JD and I had been staying in Toronto over New Year’s and decided to visit the Toronto Eaton Centre because it was open on January 1st (almost nothing is open on this day – anywhere). After eating brunch with a few good friends and receiving a tip to check out The Room, we thought we would give it a try! It is a good thing we did, because there were incredible sales happening. January 1st is a weird transitional period in the fashion world, as it is right after the Boxing Day sale madness, but too early before stores start getting their spring collections.  Luck was on our side because all sale items were an additional 20% off the lowest ticketed price, including pieces located in The Room. This is pretty insane, as pieces that were normally $1800 could be purchased for $450. Proenza Schouler product is not readily sold in Canada.  They are available (to my knowledge) only at Intermix, SSense and The Room at the Bay.

It’s Mine – All Mine!

JD spotted the sale rack right away and knew what the signature Proenza Schouler hardware looked like. He immediately called me over after hitting the jackpot and finding a couple bags on the rack. A choice had to be made between a weird metallic blue, an oil slick purple or a textured white. The textured white was the winner. A classic color that would add pop and contrast to any outfit. We took it straight to the cash in fear of someone else hearing our cries of joy and trying to snatch it away from us. I was not going to pass up this special opportunity. It was sincerely meant to be!

Smiling and holding the PS11.
I am not letting go of this!
Proezna Schouler PSII bag sitting on a stool.
A closer look at the detail of the PSII.



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