Gas Light Electric Makes Some Really Cool Signs

Photo of the "M" marquee sign lit up.

Everybody needs a little more light in their life! How you define that is open to interpretation. For me, I have always been fascinated and enjoyed the look of light fixtures and lamps. In recent years, the industrial, yet minimalist look has been a favourite of mine. However, after recently spotting the unique and hip “C-O-F-F-E-E” marquee light up sign at Equator Coffee, something about it spoke to me and I had to find out more about it.

As it turns out, the “C-O-F-F-E-E” sign was handmade by a local Ottawa craftsman by the name of Scott Adamson. He owns his newly created company called Gas Light Electric. I was given Scott’s contact information and so my journey began to getting my own sign.  He worked with me to design and develop the look and feel that I wanted in my custom piece. My first name initial “M” is what I decided I wanted to create. Knowing that this was going to be made by hand, I expected it to take a few weeks to be completed, which it did.

Looking down at the lit up "M" sign.
Fascinated and impressed with my new blue “M” sign.

So Who is Scott Adamson?

Upon picking up my customer “M”, he was kind and generous enough to answer some questions I had and to show me around his workshop. Just over a year ago, he traded in his photography career for custom sign and light making.

Scott doesn’t have a background in metal or wood working. With the power of YouTube videos and sheer trial and error, he has developed incredible technique and skill to make the sign masterpieces. His garage has been turned into his personal workshop, where he spends most of his days. Charlie, his faithful and adorable golden retriever looked on from the house window as we chatted. I asked Scott what he loves most about his new found career and he said, “It’s amazing how people could do so much with so little – even just a few decades ago”. In a way, he is restoring the old trades. Scott also said he has always had an interest with signs.

Scott Adamson holding his hashtag sign.
Scott Adamson showcasing his hashtag sign.

Vintage Machinery and Good Old Fashioned Elbow Grease

A little red metal box and it’s contents were the first tools that Scott had to get Gas Light Electric up and running. Over the past year, he has acquired more pieces through Kijiji, including a 60+ year old beverley sheer and a 1950’s foot sheer. Sometimes the best pieces are the vintage ones, which has proven to be the case here.

All product framework are created and made by hand with the help of some key tools. The light bulbs and the electrical cord are the only pieces that can’t be hand made. Gas Light Electric firmly believes that quality will never be compromised. This is certainly true as Scott can’t keep the product around!

A close up of the first tool box that held all of the initial tools needed to start sign making.
The little red tool box that started the sign making career.
Close up of the work that is done by hand on the signs.
All part of the framework for the signs are done by hand.

In Love with my “M”

I couldn’t be happier with my piece. It currently sits in my bedroom and I turn it on for some extra warmth and glow. The process from start to finish was nothing but professional and pleasant.

Photo of the "M" marquee sign lit up.
The “M” masterpiece lit up and shining bright like a diamond! (Yes that was a Rhianna reference)

Check out Gas Light Electric’s Instagram to see more of the works of art or drop Scott a line through the website.

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