Holigiving at Lee’s Kitchen

A few of us were fortunate to be invited back to Lee’s Kitchen for Holigiving. What is Holigiving one might ask? It is a gathering held on the American Thanksgiving weekend bringing together friends, food and good cheer in celebration of the Christmas holiday season.  All of us work such crazy schedules and long hours, especially those in retail leading up to Christmas. This was the perfect weekend to unify everyone in one spot and eat our heart’s out. Warning, the following pictures of Holigiving food are going to make your mouth water. And the food was too die for. I was never the biggest mash potato fan growing up, but this feast sure made me find a new appreciation for it!

Creamy mashed potatoes and stuffing with mangos in it? The best!
Creamy mashed potatoes and stuffing with mangos in it? The best!

Lee’s Kitchen does not cut any corners. The Holigiving menu was posted on the wall in a very fun and creative format. So many heartfelt hours and planning went into this meal. Some of the items, I had no idea what they were and I didn’t care to question it because I knew it was all going to be amazing. Let’s just make note that I thought endives were actually called “haciendas” which is Spanish for “estate”. Don’t ask, my brain creates it’s own words sometimes.

So many amazing dishes served at Holigiving.
Festive Flowers
Beautiful festive floral arrangement from BelFiore on Elgin

The decor for Holigiving was beautiful as well. A floral centrepiece from Bel Fiore on Elgin was placed in the middle of the table. The gorgeous reds and greens certainly added to the festive spirit. The candles added a warm glow to the dinner. One of our friends whittled down the candles to fit into the old but repurposed wine bottles. Real cranberries were adorned along the brown burlap table runner. And there were festive seasonal props for us to all play with and create some interesting photos.

Table Setting
Repurposed wine bottles make for perfect candle holders.
Friends Holigiving
As you can see, all of us ladies had some sort of seasonal prop. I was so kindly blessed to have some ornament tassels as a new breast decoration.

We had so many laughs and it was really nice for all us to regroup and spend some quality friend time together. No significant others were at the event. Just friends. Some of the people in attendance I had not seen in a couple months, and others I had just seen that morning (aka roommates).

The main course for Holigiving was a turkey. It has probably been over a year since I have had turkey. Lord knows I can’t cook one, and I haven’t been home with my family over the last few holidays were we would have had a turkey.  Enjoy the last few photos of the scrumptious food served at Lee’s Kitchen. And the leftovers that we were all sent home with tasted delicious the next day.

The infamous turkey. Can't have a Holigiving without a turkey!
The infamous turkey. Can’t have a Holigiving without a turkey!
Orange and Endive (Hacienda) Salad.
Cauliflower with cranberries. So delicious.




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