How Many Asians Does it Take to Open a Bottle of Wine?

As the title states, how many Asians does it take to open up a bottle of wine? 3.5 to be exact!!!

A few weekends ago, a couple of friends (Asian to be exact) came by my new place. My roommate and I gave them the grand tour. Afterwards, it was was time to unwind and play Cards Against Humanity with some vino in hand. Sounds lovely, right?

We were all settled and ready to go, when my roommate says that we don’t have a corkscrew, and that the bottle of wine she bought of course had a cork. Bewildered for a few moments, we think about how we are going to tackle this feat. There was no stopping us from getting to the wine. After putting our brains together and watching a Youtube video, this is how we accomplished it:

asians wine

Step 1
-Put an actual screw into the cork but leave some room

Step 2
-Using the nail remover side of a hammer head, wiggle the screw back and forth (this started to pull the cork out)

Step 3
-With the pressure from the hammer head, the cork may break. In our case, the cork became half dislodged and broke off

Step 4
-Push the remaining part of the cork back down into the bottle

Step 5
-Using a strainer, our the wine out. No one wants wood chips in their vino! Repeat as many times as necessary to eliminate the wood chips

Step 6
-Drink the god damn wine now!

Total Time for the Asians to Get to Their Wine: 45 Mins

Wine, new apartment, and Vogue magazine
Wine, new apartment, and Vogue magazine

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