Impromptu Visit to Montreal

Life is always fun when you are spontaneous here and there.  Last Friday night, my friend Alex and I hit the road to Montreal. As the title suggests, it was somewhat impromptu, but not really. I have a lot of Type A tendencies. A couple of days prior to Friday, we had decided we would go to Montreal.  However I allowed myself to be spontaneous with the restaurant that we ended up eating at.

After browsing around the Griffintown area, the new up and coming hip area of Montreal, we started aimlessly driving trying to get back to the highway to head home to Ottawa. We were using the GPS, but eventually decided to ditch it and just go with our gut. We stumbled upon a corner with 2 restaurants. Initially, we thought that the pub on the right was gonna be our spot. After stepping inside, we noticed a lot of sad looking older folks, all dining alone and some really terrible rock music playing in the background. The restaurant did not scream to me, in fact it’s energy pushed me away. On the opposite side, was this cute little restaurant called Machiavelli.

Machiavelli located in Montreal's Sud Ouest Area
Machiavelli located in Montreal’s Sud Ouest Area

As soon as we stepped in, I knew it was the spot for the night. It had amazing charm and hospitality. The restaurant had a great little terrace in the back. There was a live piano player, and quite a few other diners enjoying the music and their dishes.  Our waitress was a darling young lady who took the time to thoroughly explain things.  A small language barrier did exist between the French and the English, but with patience from both sides, we understood each other just fine.

Loved the details of the restaurant. And my beloved Balenciaga made for a nice photo too!
Loved the details of the restaurant. And my beloved Balenciaga made for a nice photo too!

She was a doll and brought out freshly made bread. If anyone has ever dined with me, you will know I have a sweet spot for good bread, and a second basket was certainly ordered. Alex and I had the most amazing homemade Italian cuisine. I ordered the carbonara and Alex had the lasanga. We polished off both plates and there was no looking back. My only regret of the night, was not trying their creme brulee (my all time favourite dessert).  We declined the dessert menu as we had eaten so much. On our way out, is when I noticed the dessert menu had creme brulee (I am kicking myself now).

Bread, Carbonara and Lasanga. It was amazing.
Bread, Carbonara and Lasanga. It was amazing.
Was in Montreal for a hot minute :).
Was in Montreal for a hot minute :).

I need to find more of these marvelous little gems of restaurants. Alex was the photographer of the night and took all of the photos. I take no credit. Check out Machiavelli the next time you are in Montreal. They allow you to bring your own wine. You will not be disappointed!


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  1. That’s what’s good about Ottawa, you are able to make these spontaneous one day trips to cities like Montreal because it is so close. Though I have also done one day trips to Toronto :P. The driving isn’t that bad.
    You should try hitting up Joe Beef or Liverpool House the next time you’re in that area. However, getting into the former requires advance reservations since it’s quite popular, so your ‘impromptu’ trip wouldn’t have worked haha
    Other restaurants I recommend near there are Nora Gray and Tuck Shop. I’m personally hoping to try Grumman ’78 if I get the chance. MTL has tons of good restos and that’s what I love about it. Yeah, I’m sort of a food junkie (I don’t like that term foodie lol). I’m actually heading there next weekend 😀

    1. You are very right Max! Living in Ottawa allows us to travel to Montreal/Kingston in one days trips :). Toronto can be done, and I have done it to, but it was painful. 8 hours of driving in one day made me very sleepy. I am going to take you up on those Montreal food suggestions, thanks! I plan on going back late August for another day. Have a great visit this weekend!

  2. Getting the carbonara next time. She made it with the world’s most delicious sauce. Completely shocked by how young… and attractive the chef was.

    1. The chef was extremely talented! I loved my meal! And I have to make sure to get the creme brulee next time. You loved the eye candy at the place, didn’t you ;)?

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