It’s Ok to be a Grey Thinker

Head shot of Meg.

One that was always preached at Aritzia during my 10 year stint with them, was that everyone had to more of a “grey thinker”. Being too black and white could be detrimental. Truthfully, I do believe in this. There are moments when it is required to be a very decisive decision maker and must adhere to specific rules, regulations, policies and legislation. Om the other hand, being a “grey thinker”,  encourages us all to problem solve and even compromise. Sure we should consider the rules and regulations, but use them as guidelines to arriving at the best outcome. This way of thinking can be applied to all aspects of life. Negotiating a business deal, talking with a significant other, etc.

I decided to portray my “grey thinking” with a grey ensemble and fashion shoot. All photos are shot by Goran Petkovski. We found the most perfect backdrop, which was the grey industrial arch near West Elm in Liberty Village. And for fun, we decided to visit the pink wall outside of Crown Flora in Parkdale.

All of the fashion pieces are my own. The sweater is from Aritzia. My scarf is an old piece that I purchased at Club Monaco a few years back. The lace tank that I am layering with is also from Aritzia. You can never go wrong with Rag and Bone denim, so that is what I am wearing on my bottom half. And that furry white puff is actually an upcycled purse made by Nicole Manek. Lastly, the lip color is called “Girl About Town” by MAC Cosmetics (kind of suiting, isn’t it?).

Photo of Meg looking in the distance.
Pondering something important. But I am not sure what it was, so it probably wasn’t that important in the end….
Full body shot with arch industrial background.
Love the depth of this far away shot capturing the lines and architecture outside West Elm.
Head shot of Meg.
Having a good hair day, as the camera zooms up on my face.
Meg standing in front of a pink wall.
Time to mix it up a bit. This pink wall was just the perfect touch. Not too mention the randomly cute dog in the window…

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  1. Great fashion post with a great message. The world would be a might nicer place if everyone didn’t think in stringent black and white terms all the time. Compassion and empathy goes a long way! Happy New Year 🙂

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