…laugh insanely…forgive quickly….


I became obsessed with this quote. I was having a rough weekend and needed to turn to something to lift my spirits. I stumbled upon this quote. It just clicked in my brain and made sense. There is nothing too emotionally intense about the message or anything that requires much thought; rather one must just step back and enjoy the simplicities of life.

With all of the craziness we all lead in our every day lives, I think we forget to be true to ourselves. I know I certainly have here and there.

As I did more research, I discovered that this quote was actually written by Paolo Coelho. He is the author of a book that I read earlier in the year called “The Zahir” and of “The Alchemist”. Certainly good reads and thought provoking.

My favorite parts of the quote were the two lines:

1) “laugh insanely,” when was the last time you did this? For me it was about 5 mins ago as I threw a chocolate at a co-worker and it hit him in the noggin

2) “forgive quickly,” what is the point in staying mad and frustrated? It only dampers the day. In some cases we need to mull in the moment and let the feelings and emotions sort themselves out, but don’t do it for too long.

Cheers to a great weekend and for not letting silly things in life keep you down.

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