Lee’s Kitchen and for a Celebration

The Lee’s Kitchen that I am about to describe and review below is not a franchise, nor is it a standalone restaurant.  It is in fact the kitchen, heart and talent of my good friend Rebecca Lee (@rl026) who puts together a phenomenal meal and event for very special occasions.  Last night was the celebration of our good friend Rieko who is getting married in the next couple of weeks.


The beautiful bride-to-be!
The beautiful bride-to-be!

No detail was missed.  So much time and effort was put into all aspects of the dinner.  Photos of the happy soon-to-be-married couple were elegantly displayed at the end of gold balloons that floated around the room. Name cards with cute and sassy sayings were neatly displayed at our seats.  A very thorough and well planned 6 course menu was also created.


Details Matter
The dinner was planned as a surprise event.  Rieko thought that we were actually going to a new restaurant that had just opened up called Lee’s Kitchen, but little did she know, it was Rebecca Lee. Upon her arrival at Rebecca’s place, she was welcomed and embraced with love. And subsequently she burst into tears of joy. After the pleasantries and gasps of excitement had subsided, it was time to start eating and celebrating.  Pop that champagne! It’s time to celebrate!

Shrimp and Champagne

Poulet Roulade aka Chicken stuffed with mushrooms.
Poulet Roulade aka Chicken stuffed with mushrooms.

I personally experienced a few firsts. I tried some new foods with an open mind.  Growing up, I was a bratty and picky eater. Some can argue that I still have some of those tendencies. Lee’s Kitchen certainly changed my view on seafish! I ate two fresh Oysters and 3 shrimps. Doesn’t sound like much, but to go from not eating any to that is pretty noteworthy.

Oysters Anyone

A party is not a party without some good people. And even though the celebration dinner was small and intimate,  it was amazing because the right people were there. KNuggs and I got our own rings for the night. They may not be real diamonds, but they were certainly tasty and colorful!

Put a Ring on It!
Put a Ring on It!

More Great Peeps!


We all kept telling Rebecca all night that she should consider creating her own business doing event planning and catered food. She really outdid herself and literally made our jaws drop with every course. Amazing job Reebs! And Congratulations Rieko! Love you all!

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