Let’s Go Back to School – Review

I would go back to School in a heart beat.  The kind I am referring to is not the educational institution setting, but the hip, fun and trendy brunch spot in Liberty Village in Toronto.  What better way to end a year and begin a new one than with great company and delicious food? Back on December 31st, after a flight from Ottawa to Toronto, I had a scrumptious lunch at School with some friends. Reservations are not an option here. They do not take them.  My mom had tried months ago to get reservations and she was politely declined. In fact, you can’t even be seated until every person in your party is present. It is a very busy restaurant and they are  maximizing on their tables without wasting a minute. The restaurant was a full house while we were there. We luckily didn’t have to wait too long for our table.

A shot of the front entrance at School.
Just outside School in Liberty Village, Toronto.

School is located inside a red bricked building with chalk board signs and encouraging messages inviting customers to come in. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with friendly traditional school house elements. Apples adorn every table. Menus are presented on a clipboards. Books upon books upon books line the shelves along one of the main walls. Against another large wall, there is a huge chalkboard. It interestingly did provide some educational material on it; it had a diagram of a cow and all of the edible parts of it. Thankfully the chairs were not the hard plastic ones we were accustomed to during our primary school years.

Chalkboard with a drawing of a cow and all edible parts.
Today’s lesson – the edible parts of a cow.
Red apple and the clipboard menu.
Classic and iconic apples adorn every table at School.

The food is certainly the main attraction at School. Every one of us at lunch that day all loved our dishes. I personally ordered the turkey burger with fries.  It was cooked perfectly and whatever combination of spices they used gave the burger the perfect flavour. Harris ordered a green salad. The portion size was very generous and the dressing was delicious. Marcus and JD both had the All Day Breakfast. They could only all only rave positive things about their meals.  Just looking at these pictures of the food makes me hungry and want to jump in my car and head straight over.

All day breakfast with coffee.
All Day Breakfast – yes please!
The perfect green salad.
Pass the salad .
Turkey burger with fries.
Turkey burger to the max.

When you think of Liberty Village, you might be thinking what a great area, but parking is a challenge.  Luckily, School is located directly across the street from a generously sized Green P lot, so it should east the pain a little bit. The wait staff were friendly and helpful. Modifications to a meal are generally not accepted unless there is a food allergy and the manager will probably come out and speak to you to just check in. More restaurants need to do this! I can’t wait to go back again soon. Seeing as I am a creature of habit once I find a good thing, I will probably be ordering the turkey burger again.


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