Make Your Own Indoor Garden

Air plants displayed in an artistic way.

Mother Nature has nothing on me as I am outsmarting her and making sure spring has sprung, at least inside at my house with my indoor garden. She has been playing games with us by dangling a carrot in front of our noses by giving us only hints of spring. Living in a condo and concrete jungle, it does not bode well for trying to sustain an outdoor garden. The beauty of an indoor garden is that you can have fun displaying and decorating various plants and flowers without worrying about them becoming destroyed from wind and other elements. As long as the garden is positioned near a sunlight source, it will flourish.

Indoor garden elements displayed on a tray.
If you can’t have a garden outside, make one inside!

Personify Your Plants

Call me crazy, but I like to name inanimate objects like my car (Hi Miguel!). Naming plants is borderline crazy because they are technically eating, living and breathing beings. When I was in Kindergarten, we had a classroom pet plant named Phyllis the Amaryllis. In my home right now, I have a mini potted succulent in a handmade clay pot named Buddy. As a house warming gift, I pre-named a cactus for my friend and he is still keeping it alive. When you treat a plant like a friend, a dependent, I find that you will be more obligated and responsible to take care of it. It has certainly helped me!

Potted cactus in handmade clay pot named Buddy.
Meet Buddy. He is a growing cactus that has become a part of my indoor garden.

How to Create an Indoor Garden:

  • Gather small pots and vases – I like having a mixture of sizes and textures
  • Go to your local florist and pick up some various botanicals (in Ottawa check out Sparrow Floral Design or Flowers Talk, in Toronto check out Crown Flora)
  • Don’t over water
  • Make sure to pick off dead leaves and parts of the plants and flowers on a consistent basis
  • Find a small space that will have some exposure to sunlight

For as long as I can remember, there have always been plants in my house, and at my parents’ house. After a long day of work, it is nice coming home to a relaxing environment. Experts say that there are positive psychological and health benefits to having plants or an indoor garden in a home. People are able to better concentrate and have increased accuracy and memory in the presence of plants and flowers. For me, I also love the aesthetics of having greenery in my space. I have tried to make my indoor garden very modern and monochromatic, which is in line with my personal design and fashion tastes.

Air plants displayed in an artistic way.
An artistic photo of my air plants.

Tips and Tricks for Your Garden

  • Use a 10CC syringe to water smaller potted plants so you can have some control on how much water is being distributed
  • Consider adding some air plants to your indoor garden as they do not require any potting or soil
  • Carnations, and daisies are known to last the longest of most cut flowers
Close up of white hydrangea flowers.
Hydrangeas are a flower that will brighten up any home.

As I have gotten older, I have certainly learned to appreciate flowers and plants more. They are a universal symbol of life. No matter what type of occasion, whether it is times of happy celebrations like graduations or times of sadness like funerals, flowers or plants are generally given. It is nice and comforting having my indoor garden. Hopefully you will create one too and tap into your inner green thumb!

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