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So if you didn’t already know, I was recently in San Francisco and had the time of my life (check out my post:  San Francisco is one of the high tech capitals of the world with Google HQs, Facebook HQs, LinkedIn HQs and many more based out of there.  Knuggs and I couldn’t get over this one awesome app that we utilized with our friend Shawn while in the city. It is called Lyft.

Awesome Ride Sharing Program that Gives Cabs A Run for Their $$$

Awesome Ride Sharing Program that Gives Cabs A Run for Their $$$

As the website explains it:

“Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card”.

The Lyft App also works on a review system. It is  2 ways.  You, as the passenger,  want to be on your best behaviour so that the driver doesn’t say anything nasty or evil about you because the next time you need a lyft, people will be able to tell what kind of ride they are in for. Likewise, the drivers want to maintain a positive reputation, so they are on their A game all time so you write a good review about them.

We were finishing up after a long day of walking and sight seeing, and wanted to get back to our apartment sooner than later. We debated about taking a taxi, but knew it was going to be overpriced and you can never trust if the cab driver is going to take the scenic route to make an extra buck. Shawn just pulled out his smart phone and pulled up the Lyft app. He told us that our ride would be waiting for us in 3 minutes. We were able to see the face of the driver and the make and model of his car right away on the app. This is smart because it gives us an idea of what vehicle to be on the look out for.  Ahead of time, Shawn had to enter in our final destination and the lump sum price shows up right away, so there are no extra surprises or hidden costs at the end. The ride ended up costing $15.00. With a cab, we would have expected to pay upwards of $25.00.

A fun marketing tactic that works in tandem with the Lyft system is that the vehicles participating must adorn a bright pink mustache on the front.  It makes the vehicles easy to spot for the passengers, but can also unfortunately spark some anger in cab drivers who could have taken the passenger if the app didn’t exist.

When you see the pink and furry 'stache, you know it's a Lyft mobile!
When you see the pink and furry ‘stache, you know it’s a Lyft mobile!

Lyft is a great application and also a cool alternative for the everyday folk who need to get from point A to point B. Apparently it has caused a bone of contention with taxi cab drivers because it is taking business away from them.  In this cutthroat consumer world, not everyone can be happy.

Check out this awesome video clip from the Connan O’Brien show as he goes for a Lyft ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Very funny :).

This unsuspecting driver got to take Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube on a drive using the Lyft system.
This unsuspecting driver got to take Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube on a drive using the Lyft system.

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  1. I heard about this a few months ago as I knew some people in L.A. were using it. Hopefully it will reach a Canadian city like Toronto or Vancouver in the near future.

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