Nothing Like a Good Yin Shoelace to Put Me at Ease

During this past year, I have found a new appreciation for yoga.  It has many benefits: for the mind, body, and soul. Sounds cheesy, I know,  and some may be skeptical.   But I have found it to be such an amazing way to relax, unwind and just get in tune with myself again.  I live a whirlwind of a life, and it is hard to destress and calm down for the craziness of everything else going on.

Why Yin Yoga?

-it is considered the most passive form of yoga

-much slower paced

-purpose is to “surrender” into the asanas/poses

-increases flexibility

-really works the connectivity tissues in the body

-uses the element of time to really make the poses effective

I must say I have been pretty terrible at dedicating time to yoga these past few weeks. Just so much going on.  The only class I have been religiously attending is a 6am class on Friday mornings. It certainly gets the weekend off to a great start.


One of My Favourite Views....from the Back of One of My Horses
One of My Favourite Views….from the Back of One of My Horses


I have also gotten creative and started to incorporate using my horse for yoga.  It is challenging as I use his back as a platform.  I balance and hold the pose while on his back. The view from atop is quite amazing sometimes! God love him for being patient and putting up with my crazy shenanigans. I have mastered a modified Child’s Pose and Shoelace while on him.

Don’t be scared.  Give Yin Yoga, or any type of Yoga for that matter, a try! See how you feel. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!




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