Picture This…

Picture this….Meg with a DSLR Nikon!

Meg and her Nikon

I was spoiled and got one of these bad boys for Christmas.   It is my new pride and joy.  Am I a pro? Absolutely not, but am excited to learn! According to my one girl friend K-Nuggs, I really need to work on my angles. Apparently I have maybe inadvertently taken some unflattering photos of myself and others…but you live and learn, right?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So make that picture count! Why a Nikon one may ask?  Listed below are some of the outstanding features of the Nikon D3200:

  • 24.2 Mega Pixels (that packs a lot of punch)
  • has six scene auto selector so you can take pictures anywhere!
  • has the ability to create cinema quality HD videos (this camera has way more technology than my TV!)
  • DX format
  • has an 11 point auto-focus system so that all of the photos turn out crisp and clear!

Did anyone also notice that I got some swag for the camera? I am in love with the chevron print, so I purchased a fashionable designer strap in the print.

Stay tuned! I am going to partake in a February photo challenge 🙂 and put this new bad boy to use!


My new pride and joy
My new pride and joy

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