Pony Love

Two horse noses nuzzling.

It was a very special Saturday a few weeks back. As many of you know, I have two horses (aka ponies as I like to call them). They live at two separate farms in the Hamilton area. Both farms are fantastic and the care they both get is amazing. On this particular Saturday my older horse Toby was trailered over to Griffin’s barn.

For safety and courageous reasons, my trail riding partner Rick and I wanted to capitalize on Toby’s natural disposition of braveness and willingness to try walking around the country road block. If you know horses, sometimes they will decide a specific thing is the scariest thing known to man and there is nothing you can do to convince them otherwise. And since horses are herd animals, they feed off of the anxiousness from one another. Alas, Griffin was a wuss and Toby had the balls to get the goal done.

Meet and Greet

Toby and Griffin getting to know each other.
Toby and Griffin getting to know each other. Thanks for the bum shot Griffin!

After my ride, Toby was put in a small paddock by himself. He must have had deja-vu moment because a few years previously, he lived at Averyhill, where Griffin currently resides. Knowing that both Griffin and Toby are low ranking on their herd totem poles, I didn’t have a lot of worry with the two of them meeting. Both guys have passive and low-key personalities in groups and don’t cause any trouble.

As expected, when Griffin was brought into the paddock, he and Toby had a great first encounter. Doing what horses do when they are first introduced, they sniffed each other’s noses. All ears were pricked forward, and no one tried to attack one another as a sign of dominance. In fact, they started walking alongside one another, exploring the paddock together. They certainly are brothers from another mother.

Two horse noses nuzzling.
Seeing what each other is all about…

Horses are just like dogs. Each lovely and unique in their disposition and personality. If I were to personify Toby, he would be a “yes” man, calm, patient, cute, playfully clumsy and just wants to please. He is sensitive when people get upset and never wants to get in trouble. Griffin is very different. He is stubborn, silly, easily frazzled, handsome and will turn up his attitude when he wants to. Sometimes, opposites attract!

One horse looking concerned.
Sorry to interrupt you Griff…it appears that you and Toby are having a moment together :).

My heart melted when I saw these two interact and create an instant bond.  Even though I lead a busy life and may not get out to visit my ponies as often as other horse owners do to see theirs, Toby and Griffin are like my kids. Grandponies to my parents.  As my dad has often said, “You would give up a roof over your head to keep those horses,” and he is damn right. Whenever you need a break from reality, get in touch with nature, or want to connect with some amazing creatures, let me know to arrange a visit to see these amazing horses :).

Long lost brothers.
Long lost brothers.






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  1. Welcome back! Missed your blogs lol. Your horses are awesome, I’ve always wanted to try horseback riding. Looking forward to catching up with you 😉

    1. It feels good to be back.

      Doing a bit of an overhaul in terms of look and feel of the asthetics of the site. But am very happy :).

  2. I see it. It looks great, suits your interests 😉 I’m good. Been busy with work, gym. I want to check out some new restos in the city. Are you still in Ottawa?

  3. I love your articles! You write so eloquently. I have similar interests as you! I live on a farm and my horses are my life! I am also a sucker for shopping and fashion 😉

    1. That is a great story! Thanks for sharing! Horses are such amazing creatures. So uncanny that the horse knew what was happening at the funeral.

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