Pour Some Raw Sugar On Me

Clever name for this post, right?  And a fun name for an awesome cafe in Ottawa!  However you won’t find Bon Jovi there. I have lived in Ottawa for a few years now, but it has been of late (say the past year or so), that I have really started to venture out into the Ottawa unknown. I have driven past Raw Sugar Cafe many, many times, but never had the chance to stop by.  I deliberately made the effort a couple of weeks ago, and sure am happy I did! KNuggs was dragged along too. It was a rainy day and we needed to do something to lift our spirits.

Stop by Raw Sugar on Sommerset.
Stop by Raw Sugar on Sommerset.

From the outside, Raw Sugar has an eclectic retro vibe from the outside, with it’s bright orange sign and catchy chandelier that can be seen from the windows.  The interior carries the same feel. You will find that they have all kinds of random furniture pieces for your seating pleasure. On the walls, it is adorned with different types and styles of art. My favourite piece was the Lite Brite creation of Yo Sammity Sam. You have to remember that character from Bugs Bunny! If you are looking for modern, symmetry and clean lines, this is not the place. Rather it aspires to the free spirit, inner child, and anything goes type attitude. I am normally a very systematic person in all aspects of my life, but found myself able to unwind and let loose and really enjoy it while I was in the cafe. I can’t really explain it, but it was awesome.

Yo Sammity is looking awfully bright!
Yo Sammity is looking awfully bright!
A cafe just isn't a cafe without cookies!
A cafe just isn’t a cafe without cookies!

Eclectic Interior

The cafe has a few food items on it, including home made cookies. You can get your standard coffee and tea drinks. Knuggs and I shared the pita and humus dip. It was a perfect shareable snack for a rainy, dreary day. I won’t say who was the bigger piglet out of the 2 of us (okay it was me!).

In addition, Raw Sugar isn’t just a cafe, it is also a place to people watch, flip through some old classics, and it is a venue to local artists who can hold shows after hours at the place. I found one of my favourite books from middle school called “The BFG” by Roald Dahl.  There was a book shelf with a medley of books and magazines for anyone to take a gander through. Anything from old text books to glamour magazines and classic books can be found and enjoyed.

They had The BFG for your reading pleasure at the Raw Sugar Cafe.
They had The BFG for your reading pleasure at the Raw Sugar Cafe.

I must say I underestimated Raw Sugar, but after spending the better portion of an evening there, I was pleasantly surprised and will certainly be returning in the near future.


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  1. Have you been to daily grind (not far from raw sugar)? they got a similar but more hipster-ish vibe. bands and a rooms where you can book to chill or play Atari 😀
    Haven’t been to Raw Sugar, I’m not usually the cafe type of person but may check it. You’re right, the Yosemite Sam lite brite IS awesome.

    1. I have not checked out Daily Grind! I am looking forward to doing that sometime soon. The Atari room sounds amazing. And yes, you really can’t go wrong with a Lite Brite!

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