Relax at Nordik Nature Spa in Chelsea, Quebec

Shot of the entrance to Nordik Nature Spa

Bonjour et bienvenue a le Nordik (Hello and welcome to the Nordik spa). I recently decided to take a short drive to the Quebec side and pay another visit to this spa. Nordik is considered North America’s largest outdoor spa. I was here about 4 summers ago when I first moved to Ottawa, and have been meaning to return. I am kicking myself now for not coming back sooner as Nordik is breathtaking, beautiful and amazing.

Showing what you should bring to Nordik Nature spa which includes a bathing suit, a book and a pair of sunglasses.
It is mandatory to wear a bathing suit. Other necessities include a good book, and sunglasses as you will be outside.

There were countless times that I kept telling myself that I needed to return. But as we all know, life gets away on us and something always came up. There really is no excuse as to why I did not come back sooner, as Nordik has pretty incredible extended hours being open until at least 11pm every night. A trip home to Toronto, being called into work, stuff to do around the house all of which were a road block in some shape or form. The May 2-4 weekend is when I made a commitment to myself to return. Come hell, rain, sleet or snow, I owed it to myself to relax, unwind, and disconnect from real life. Working two jobs, always on the go and packing up to move back to Toronto starts to take a toll on the body mentally and physically.

The weather gods were on my side when I came visited. It was a beautiful sunny and warm Sunday evening. It wasn’t too busy as most of the city folks had vacated the Ottawa area and headed to cottage country or were checking out Ottawa’s Tulip Festival. There were mature, people all looking for the same type of escape and relaxation I was longing for.


Sunseting in the background as people enjoy the infinity pool.
How can you say no to this view? I got the pleasure of watching the sun set over Gatineau park poolside near one of the warm infinity pools.
Nordik is located in the quaint little town of Chelsea. It offer traditional spa treatments but also has the added beautiful outdoor Scandinavian nature themed oasis.  Guests can either just come for the outdoor hot and cold springs and accompanying relaxation spots or receive a spa treatment. There is also a resto-lounge to enjoy a snack or two at. When I was here a few years back, the outdoor springs were limited. Fast forward four years later and it has nearly tripled in size.
Setting the Scene
-the smell of wood logs burning
-picturesque view of the Quebec countryside, namely Gatineau park
-the sounds of multiple waterfalls cascading in the background
-some of the most beautifully landscaped grounds
-wooden buildings that emulate a scene from a European city
-friendly staff in eye sight if needed, but they aren’t over bearing, to ensure your comfort
-dedicated areas for silence and other areas that allow you to quietly converse with friends or your partner
A daytime shot of one of the  baths at Nordik.
There are multiple hot and cold baths throughout the grounds at Nordik.
A day time shot of part of Nordik.
Stepping into the Nordik Nature Spa. Leave all of your stresses behind.
How to get a true Scandinavian spa and bath experience
There is an order in how to use all of the different elements of the baths to get the maximum benefit.
1) hot – use a steam bath or hot spring
2) cold – get chilly in a cold spring or waterfall
3) relax – rest and decompress
Repeat as many times as desired or as time permits
Measures of my success at Nordik
-2 cat naps
-complete technological disconnect from anyone and everything (no wifi available)
-116 pages read from the book Thrive (coincidentally about the importance of taking care of yourself)
-watching the sunset over Gatineau Park
-3 compliments on my Triangl bathing
View from a seat and watching a live fire.
Ended off my visit with a drink by a live fire.
No need to make reservations to visit Nordik, unless you want a specific spa treatment. It is open year round and is beautiful no matter what season you visit in. I think it would be gorgeous to see the autumn leaves on the trees while dipping into a hot spring.

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  1. I hope you didn’t miss out on what I consider to be the best part: the orange and eucalyptus steam saunas! I also experienced the Kalla treatment (salt water pool), which was pretty neat. It’s extra though, but I’m glad I tried it at least once. Best time to go is in the fall, it’s just chilly enough but not too cold you’ll freeze your buns off 😉

    1. I think I did miss that! I plan on going back next week though. I will be sure to try it :).

      Have you ever been in the winter?

  2. It’s the Vaporo Ecalyptus Sauna and Vaporo Orange Sauna! I personally like the orange better. Be sure to try it next time you go! You can’t miss them, they’re in their own building.

    I have been to Nordik in the winter once. It was right in the dead of winter (February). I treated my bridal party to a spa day a week before my wedding. Joke was on me though, as a few of my bridesmaids got sick! That was the first and last time I’ve gone to Nordik in the winter 😛

  3. I love Nordik lol. I went there in December and it was a perfectly sunny winter’s day. Lookin good lounging by the pool 😉

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