Review of 416 Snack Bar in Toronto

So you should probably clear some space on your calendar and make a pit stop at the 416 Snack Bar located in Toronto. It will be well worth the time and your stomach will be very happy. JD and I were in Toronto not too long ago and decided we needed to give this place a shot. If the name wasn’t catchy enough, then I think it was our love and affinity for the 416 area code. I mean, if Drake blessed this spot via twitter and  instagrammed about it, then it has got to be good!

Showing some love to one of my new favourite spots in Toronto.
Showing some love to one of my new favourite spots in Toronto: 416 Snack Bar

The hours of this joint make it more a dinner and evening spot, as they are open from 5pm until 2pm daily. Perfect schedule for the nocturnal folk.  It was about 11:30pm with JD and I showed up at 416 Snack Bar.  We were lucky enough to get seats right away, because if we had been a larger party of 2, then we would have had to play the waiting game. From the outside of the restaurant, it is nothing special. Just a very generic storefront with not a lot of personality. Do not let that deceive you though, as the food, music and atmosphere was awesome and hopping.

Nothing sets the mood more than a lit candle and some vintage artifacts :)
Nothing sets the mood more than a lit candle and some vintage artifacts 🙂

The restaurant has a hipster, industrial, and mid 90s feel to it. The serve wear was a random eclectic collection that could have been found in my Asian grandmother’s china cabinet, however it really added charm and personality to the atmosphere. Not too mention that the old school cash register that was probably made in 1923, had a cool vintage touch to the place. There isn’t anything fancy or upscale about 416 Snackbar, but provides a comforting and warm environment where one can let their hair down and just have a good time. The tunes that they were playing the night I was there took me back to my teenage years, and it was a lot of fun. I distinctly remember hearing some old tracks by A Tribe Called Quest and some of Lupe Fiasco’s early hits

Now let’s talk about the food. It was pretty damn delicious. I am not going to lie that I was a little bit skeptical about what was on the menu. JD took a couple a chances and ordered some awesome food. I ended up stealing bites from his plate. He ordered the steamed fish bun and the empanadas. All of the food was made to order, and came out piping hot.

Get a steamed bun with your choice of fish, pork, or keep it vegetarian.
Get a steamed bun with your choice of fish, pork, or keep it vegetarian.

The steam bun had a few options. It could be made with fish, pork or vegetarian style. The fish steam bun that we ate had a bit of kick to it, but in just the right amount.  My spice tolerance is pretty low, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. The couple sitting next to us at the bar had also ordered the steamed bun. Not sure what was inside of it, but after seeing theirs, that is what sealed the deal for JD to try it. Definitely worth a re-order the next I am there.


Empanada Pic

The empanadas were also very delicious. To be honest, I had no idea what an emapanda was. It originates from Spain and Portugal according to Wikipedia. 416 Snack Bar makes a mean dis!. It was served hot, had great presentation on the eclectic plate and tasted amazing. I don’t know where else I would order and empanada,but it is certainly  tosafe to say I will order it again from here.

Let me know your thoughts. Take a gander to the corner of Queen and Bathurst and have a great time!



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  1. I love this place! Have you tried Barsa Taberna? They serve traditional Spanish tapas. Just a friendly tip: polish up your writing style a bit! Cute blog though!

    1. Apprecitate the constructive feedback :). This blog is all about my personal quirkiness. Whatever flows in my head comes out on paper. Will keep it in mind though.

      And thanks for the resto suggestion! Will certainly try it out this month!

  2. Fantastic review. I LOVE this place. We have a place called Bar Laurel in Ottawa. I hear they fly in their “jambons” strait from Spain! Yum!

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