Sangria in a pot, why not?

sangria glass

Last Friday night, a couple of friends and I decided to make Sangria. Having just moved into a new condo, we do not have all normal types of kitchenware. We were lacking a pitcher and ladel to serve the Sangria. Next best thing: a cooking pot and a mug! Using the pot actually made the combining of all ingredients easier and the mug was used to scoop the wonderful juice into the glassware.

Notes for the next Sangria Party:
-use Welch’s real fruit freezies
-the more fruit the better
i.e. yellow plums, strawberries, blueberries, apples, pineapple
-use a cheap red wine and no one will no the difference
-play Cards Against Humanity while drinking – so much fun!

Have a great week!

sangria pot

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