Spirit Twin

Meet Marcus. He is my “Spirit Twin”.

Funny Guy!
Funny Guy!

We all must have someone out there on us who is destined to be your spirit twin. What is this preposterous thing called a spirit twin you ask? Basically it is someone out there in this world who is basically the same person as you on many levels (emotionally, psychologically, possible even physically to some extent).  If you have ever seen Seinfeld, there is that one episode where Jerry goes on a date with a women who is basically the female version of himself. This is along the same lines. Except hopefully you enjoy their company ;). Jerry and his female doppelganger only last one date!

Spirit Twins Unite!
Spirit Twins Unite!

Our wonderful friend Stephen introduced us to each other. Marcus and I started having great facebook chats, twitter rants, and text message threads. And we seemed to really get each other.  I was hope in the great city of Toronto last weekend and got to meet him in the flesh. We seemed to connect just as much in person as we did over other social media and communication platforms. Alas, a new friendship and “Spirit Twinship” has begun.

Classic Asian pose! PEACE!
Classic Asian pose! PEACE!

So here is a list of why we are Spirit Twins

  • we are basically the same height 5’2ish (ok fine, Marcus is slightly taller)
  • both love fashion
  • both hate the same fashion brands (won’t mention any, that could be cruel)
  • both have Nikon cameras (in the photography world, Nikon vs. Canon is always up for debate)
  • both have acid reflex problems (TUMS for the win!)
  • we are both extremely energetic (picture 2 energizer bunnies on crack….)
  • we both drive Mazdas
  • no siblings (only lonelies growing up)
  • our names both start with “M”
  • we have silly, some could argue annoying, antics and quirkinesses LOL
  • share Stephen as a great friend!
Just some pals sharing a drink at the Four Seasons. NBD.
Just some pals sharing a drink at the Four Seasons. NBD.

You never know where you might find your Spirit Twin, but you will know when you have found them. They could be in the same room as you, meet them through a friend of a friend, or they could be a random stranger on the street. But life just gets better when you find your Spirit Twin ;).




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  1. Haha looked like an awesome time. I have yet to find my spirit twin…and it may be better off that way lol

    1. It was very unexpected. I have never met anyone who was so similar to me! Lol. I am sure there is someone out there for you ;). You could tear up the town with them.

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