Stendig Ready for 2017

Photo of the Stendig Calendar on the wall.

There is something re-fereshing about starting something new. Writing on the first page of a crisp, new notebook. Taking the first gulp of a freshly poured drink. Wearing a new coveted fashion piece for its inaugural appearance. And yes, even starting a new year with a brand new unmarked calendar is magical!

Finally! Man it was a hard thing to find, but I have gotten my hands on a Stendig calendar! You know, the large black and white wall calendars that are loved and coveted by so many fashion and design enthusiasts? Luckily Cry Wolf has saved the day and still had one available and I snatched it up! And because I bought it a day or two into 2017, I saved an extra 20% off. Score for me!

As an aside story on the mission to acquire this calendar, I had my car towed along Ossington. After walking out of the coffee shop called Crafted and enjoying a wonderful hot chocolate, I arrived back to my parking spot to see that my car was no where in sight. Actually, no other parked cars were in sight. Calling Toronto Police Services, trekking down to the towing lot and paying $300, I finally retrieved my car. Hopefully next year, my Stendig calendar won’t cost me my car to be towed.

Photo of store front of Cry Wolf Clothing.
Cry Wolf Clothing, located on Ossington Ave, had the calendar I wanted!

Anatomy and History of a Stendig Calendar

Sample month from Stendig Calendar.
A view of the full monochromatic Stendig Calendar. Photo courtesy of pintrest. 

So why have so many people fallen in love with this? The large font and numbers make this calendar easy to read from across the room. I bet my 96 year old grandfather would do well with this. The next time I am on the phone and am laying in an awkward position on my bed, I will still be able to coherently take note of specific days and dates. The simplicity yet effectiveness of the design of the calendar is just quite popping.

“…designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and taken that year into the Design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.” –

This product was originally only available to exclusive vendors serving design oriented clientelle. More recently, the calendar now sells at more accessible retailers such as Cry Wolf Clothing, Crate and Barrel, Studio Pazo, VAM Boutique, and Boutique Unicorn.

Oh and the calendars are manufactured in the US of A. In Tennessee to be exact.

The Final Touch to My Sanctuary

Photo of the Stendig Calendar on the wall.
The Stendig Calendar is a very welcomed piece to my bedroom.

I am beyond happy with the purchase of this. Truth be told, I actually bought it last year, but then returned it when I thought it might be too large. This year, I decided to make it work. The cool thing about this too, is that once each calendar month finishes, I will save the paper and wrap everyone’s Christmas gifts in it next year. Oh the things Pintrest and designer blogs like Homey Oh My inspire us to do!

May 2017 be a joyous, prosperous and inspiring year for everyone! 

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  1. That’s the most interesting way of spelling “refreshing” I have ever seen!
    Interesting aesthetic though not my particular style. You can’t even write down important dates!

    1. The calendar isn’t for everyone. Sad to say, I have multiple calendars (like a Moleskin agenda, a regular sized calendar in my office, etc.). And some people solely operate from their phone or desktop calendar! Different strokes for different folks.

      I updated the word re-fresh. Whoops! Thanks for noticing!

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