It’s Ok to be a Grey Thinker

Head shot of Meg.
One that was always preached at Aritzia during my 10 year stint with them, was that everyone had to more of a “grey thinker”. Being too black and white could be detrimental. Truthfully, I do believe in this. There are moments when it is required to be a very decisive decision maker and must adhere to specific rules, regulations, policies and legislation. Om the other hand, being a R ... >
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Rocks and Stuff

When you think of Ottawa, what comes to mind? The Parliament Buildings, Stephen Harper, Ottawa Sentators, the Canal and Beavertails. But, have you ever been to the Museum of Nature? It is right in the Nation’s Capital too! It is a beautiful building from the inside and out. From what I was told, it was Canada’s first “purposeful-built museum”, whatever that means.  The wom ... >
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