How to Create a Birthday Party for a Horse

Meg standing next to Griffin presenting him with his platter of horse treats.
Birthdays are not just for humans. Horses, especially registered breed horses, have known birthdays (otherwise known as their foal date). My bratty Thoroughbred horse foaled on April 4th, 2003 – making him 12 this year. What were you doing in the spring of 2003? What was I doing back in the spring of 2003? I was in my last semester of high school as Griffin was just a foal frolicking in past ... >
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The Reverse Surprise Party

Who doesn’t love a surprise party? We all know how they go. Lots of planning and logistics are done without the lucky recipient knowing. And then that special moment when they walk in the door and SURPRISE! Well last weekend, we had a funny incident occur. The lucky recipient surprised the guests! I was the main coordinator and missed the key cue for when the Birthday Girl walked in the door ... >
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