Equator Coffee – Grab Yourself a Cup of Locally Roasted Coffee

A close up of a handful of the beans from Equator Coffee.
Local business, check. Coffee, check. Shiny lights, check. Strategic location, check. Making you want to keep coming back, check. Equator Coffee has so many great elements working in its favour, that it has created a formula for success! s Shiny Objects The shiny and lit up “coffee” sign that can be seen while at the corner of Churchill Avenue and Richmond Road are what initia ... >
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Pour Some Raw Sugar On Me

Clever name for this post, right?  And a fun name for an awesome cafe in Ottawa!  However you won’t find Bon Jovi there. I have lived in Ottawa for a few years now, but it has been of late (say the past year or so), that I have really started to venture out into the Ottawa unknown. I have driven past Raw Sugar Cafe many, many times, but never had the chance to stop by.  I deliberately mad ... >
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