Christmas Socks Instead of Christmas Sweaters

The Holiday season is one of my most favourite times of the year. It’s special because it marks a time of when many of us reconnect and catch up on things we have done throughout the year. To add an element to the fun, I decided to throw in the idea of Christmas sweaters, you know, the ugly Christmas ones? My idea was faced with a lot of protest, so we compromised on Christmas socks instead. My ... >
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DIY Easter Egg Decorating at Any Age

Easter eggs in their finalized state displayed on fake grass.
Easter has always been a fun time of year as it signifies the start of a new season, new beginnings and allows people an outlet to be creative by decorating Easter eggs. As a child, I always enjoyed decorating them. Some years, the level of creativity varied with just dying the eggs and slapping stickers on them. Other years, I got much more elaborate with multiple colors, glitter, and detail. I a ... >
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Halloween Costumes 2014

I may be a bit late in the Halloween costume posting game, but better late than never, right?  Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! I went through a phase in my life, between the ages of 21-26 whereby I didn’t get excited about Halloween any more. It seemed like so much effort and a waste of time to piece together a costume, and if I was going to do make a Halloween costume, then I ... >
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DIY Pumpkin Masterpieces

Who does’t love shiny objects, especially gold dipped DIY pumpkin shiny objects at this time of year?  I recently started following this awesome DIY blog called Homey Oh My.  The big thing I like about her stuff is that her DIY projects are all quite easy, simple and attainable without causing headaches or breaking the bank.  I was inspired by one of her fall projects and decided to integ ... >
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Lee’s Kitchen and for a Celebration

The Lee’s Kitchen that I am about to describe and review below is not a franchise, nor is it a standalone restaurant.  It is in fact the kitchen, heart and talent of my good friend Rebecca Lee (@rl026) who puts together a phenomenal meal and event for very special occasions.  Last night was the celebration of our good friend Rieko who is getting married in the next couple of weeks.   ... >
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My Room, My Sanctuary

It has been quite some time, many years, since I can truthfully say that my bedroom feels like it’s my escape. My room consists of many elements that make me feel relaxed and at peace. For one thing, I actually have a decent sized closet! To some this may not seem so exciting, but for a woman with a lot of clothes, this is heaven! There are pictures of my horses and friends up, giving me dai ... >
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