Stendig Ready for 2017

Photo of the Stendig Calendar on the wall.
There is something re-fereshing about starting something new. Writing on the first page of a crisp, new notebook. Taking the first gulp of a freshly poured drink. Wearing a new coveted fashion piece for its inaugural appearance. And yes, even starting a new year with a brand new unmarked calendar is magical! Finally! Man it was a hard thing to find, but I have gotten my hands on a Stendig calendar ... >
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Treasure Hunting at the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market

With the weather being the pitts lately, last Saturday I decided to check out the indoor Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market that was held at the Fieldhouse at Carleton University. Spring is no where to be found as of late, but inside at the show, it resembled being outside as visitors walked across the astro turf in the well light and high ceilinged venue. Treasure hunters of all ages were having ... >
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Humans of NY

Do you know who Brandon Stanton is? If you don’t, I think you should! He is the brains and the man behind the camera of the ever growing popular HONY (no, not HORNY for those of you that have your minds in the gutter). HONY stands for Humans of New York. What started off as a simplistic personal project, has now blown up and evolved into an international success. This handsome fella is the b ... >
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