Make Your Own Indoor Garden

Air plants displayed in an artistic way.
Mother Nature has nothing on me as I am outsmarting her and making sure spring has sprung, at least inside at my house with my indoor garden. She has been playing games with us by dangling a carrot in front of our noses by giving us only hints of spring. Living in a condo and concrete jungle, it does not bode well for trying to sustain an outdoor garden. The beauty of an indoor garden is that you ... >
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What’s Your Pick?

If there is a local farmer’s market near you, it is certainly worth a gander to. I keep driving past the one closest to me everyday on my way to work, and I made the conscious decision and effort to check it out today. And I am glad I sure did! Farmer’s markets  range in size. The one I went to, the Parkdale Market in Westboro, was on the smaller side, but it was busting in size with ... >
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