Relax at Nordik Nature Spa in Chelsea, Quebec

Shot of the entrance to Nordik Nature Spa
Bonjour et bienvenue a le Nordik (Hello and welcome to the Nordik spa). I recently decided to take a short drive to the Quebec side and pay another visit to this spa. Nordik is considered North America’s largest outdoor spa. I was here about 4 summers ago when I first moved to Ottawa, and have been meaning to return. I am kicking myself now for not coming back sooner as Nordik is breathtaki ... >
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It’s Time to Get Dirty with Frank

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Frank is not who or what you might think it is. It has a catchy tag line of “get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.” By the description, one would think that is extremely inappropriate and sexual, and from their marketing camapaign, it certainly alludes to that. But in reality, Frank is a line of body cleaning and betterment products primarily using c ... >
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My Room, My Sanctuary

It has been quite some time, many years, since I can truthfully say that my bedroom feels like it’s my escape. My room consists of many elements that make me feel relaxed and at peace. For one thing, I actually have a decent sized closet! To some this may not seem so exciting, but for a woman with a lot of clothes, this is heaven! There are pictures of my horses and friends up, giving me dai ... >
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