Love Lock Bridge in Ottawa

Photo of a railing with locks set against the sunset.
On a recent visit to Ottawa this past summer, I visited the love lock bridge.  After having been in Ottawa for years, I must have been living under some really big boulder because I never knew it existed. It is really quite an amazing sight and place to be. Thousands of couples have shown their commitment and devotion to each other adding a lock to the collection. The bridge just oozes with love! ... >
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Relax at Nordik Nature Spa in Chelsea, Quebec

Shot of the entrance to Nordik Nature Spa
Bonjour et bienvenue a le Nordik (Hello and welcome to the Nordik spa). I recently decided to take a short drive to the Quebec side and pay another visit to this spa. Nordik is considered North America’s largest outdoor spa. I was here about 4 summers ago when I first moved to Ottawa, and have been meaning to return. I am kicking myself now for not coming back sooner as Nordik is breathtaki ... >
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San Francisco Will Steal Your Heart

There are so many words that can be used to describe San Francisco. Where should I start? Beautiful, friendly, picturesque, hilly, amazing…..the list goes on. Imagine a climate that doesn’t fluctuate too often. A steady 15-20 degrees year round. None of this winter and snow silliness. You could wear skirts, dresses and light jackets year round. The one draw back of the city and area is ... >
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