Pure Kitchen for Healthy Eating

The quinoa onion rings with garlic mayo sauce are a must try.
Calling all food lovers! There is a new eatery in Ottawa for everyone that loves to eat healthy, or try something new and it is called Pure Kitchen. With their previous business successes of Pure Yoga, owners Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish decided to add a restaurant to the brand. It only makes sense as eating healthy and staying active go hand in hand. I recently got the chance to ask Stratton ... >
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What’s Your Pick?

If there is a local farmer’s market near you, it is certainly worth a gander to. I keep driving past the one closest to me everyday on my way to work, and I made the conscious decision and effort to check it out today. And I am glad I sure did! Farmer’s markets  range in size. The one I went to, the Parkdale Market in Westboro, was on the smaller side, but it was busting in size with ... >
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