It’s Time to Get Dirty with Frank

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Frank is not who or what you might think it is. It has a catchy tag line of “get naked. get dirty. get rough. get clean.” By the description, one would think that is extremely inappropriate and sexual, and from their marketing camapaign, it certainly alludes to that. But in reality, Frank is a line of body cleaning and betterment products primarily using coffee as their main ingredient. Once you scrub (no pun intended, or maybe just a little) past the surface, it is easy to become trapped and intrigued by what this line has to offer. I took the plunge and ordered myself a package of the Frank Original Coffee Scrub. Not gonna lie, I was also sold on the fact on the way Frank addresses their consumer base as “Babes” and that the line originates from Australia (supporting fellow Commonwealth countries!).

Frank Package

When you use this product, be rest assured that you WILL get dirty before you get clean.  Kind of like the way I organize things: you have to make a mess to clean up a mess. It is probably best not to use white or light colored towels, as they won’t be the same. When I initially opened up the package, I received what literally looked like a pile of dirt, however it had such a great aroma (clearly from the coffee).  I decided to test out this product while at the Shangri-La Hotel over New Year’s Eve. I drew a bath with hot water and then scrubbed away. Be advised that the water will turn brown (not what you are used to experiencing while trying to get clean).

Frank Dirt

Not a lot is needed per use. I used approximately 2 small pinches of it. The texture of it is pretty loose, so it will spread well throughout your body. It can be used with a loofah, or just rub it directly from your palm and straight into your skin, which is what I did.  I am not going to lie, I enjoyed the gritty feel of it against my skin, and it mentally made think it was getting deeper into my skin pores. My skin felt so fresh and clean after I used it. This is not going to be an every day routine, but I will certainly start using Frank’s once a week for a body deep clean.


As an adult, the novelty of being able to throw away the prim and proper standards of being clean and mature was quite nice and rejuvinating. I was able to get down and dirty and it was completely acceptable (flashback to days of playing at school yard sandboxes). My legs, arms, and entire body was covered in deliciously smelling dirt (coffee). Sometimes we all just need to let our hair down. Once the fun in the coffee dirt was over, it was time for a quick shower rinse. You want to rinse off when you are done, otherwise, you might find some coffee scrub bits in random crevices of your body.

Just because Frank’s uses the tagline “Babe” throughout its marketing tools, don’t think that this is solely meant for women. I would highly recommend this to anyone who young or old! To get your own supply of Frank coffee scrub, you will have to order it online through their official site as it is not sold in stores.  They offer free shipping (bonus!) and it came in less than 3 business days! I am excited to try a different scrub when I run out of the Frank Original Coffee Scrub. Give it a try, get dirty and scrub on!



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