Toronto Christmas Market in The Distillery District

Have you been to the Toronto Christmas Market in The Distillery District? If  you haven’t you really should before it closes up shop for the season. This annual market runs from Friday,November 28th to Sunday, December 21, 2014 and will be sure to get you in the holiday spirit. I was fortunate enough to be in Toronto and have a little bit of free time to check it out.  This annual holiday Christmas Market is located in Toronto’s historical Distillery District.  In case you have been living under a rock, the Distillery District is a neighbourhood in Toronto that has transformed an old wine and distillery industry into a hip and happening spot.  Reclaiming old factories and dwellings to give them new life as restaurants, shops, and art galleries.

Elements of the old distilleries and buildings can still be found in the present day transformation of The Distillery District.
Elements of the old distilleries and buildings can still be found in the present day transformation of The Distillery District.

The Christmas Market has a unique old time feel.  Vendors from around the area bring there treasures for all to see and purchase. Pick up some unique tree ornaments, or have a hot drink to warm up your hands.  The majority of the vendor stalls are all designed to look like old maple sugar shacks.  I unfortunately did not get any photos of these, as they had all closed up for the night by the time I had made my way over. The lights and decor are kept very traditional. It almost makes you feel like you have stepped into a time warp and are wandering the streets of an old European city. Classic red, green and gold adorn the streets, and the Christmas trees throughout the roads. When looking back at the photos that I took, the yellow lights give such a glow of warmth (new age LED lights are so bright and white).

Simple and traditional holiday decor light up the streets of the Christmas Market.


There are also a plethora of eateries just a at step or two off the cobblestone paths. No cars are allowed on these streets so they are completely pedestrian safe and friendly.  Even though it was after 11pm on a Saturday night by the time I made it to the Christmas Market, the area was still so alive with many people just taking a lovely stroll, or groups of friends having drinks at the many restaurants and lounges. The weather played out to my advantage while I was there, as it wasn’t too cold, and it was dry. It was mandatory that I take an  obligatory photo in front of the infamous gigantic Christmas tree.  My bet is that the tree is at least 70 feet tall, as my head only came to height of one of the lowest branches.

Big Tree Distillery
Obligatory Photo Opp

If you are coming from out of town, here is the exact address of the Christmas Market for GPS and Google purposes:

35 Lower Jarvis St
Toronto, ON
M5A 0H3
(416) 369-9766

Local directions, including TTC routes can be found here.

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