Toronto Raptors host the Miami Heat and give out bobble heads

A Charles Oakley bobblehead situated next to its box.

After seeing an awesome Toronto Raptors game back in the fall, I decided I wanted to see another one! Unfortunately, Drake was not there this time. The 2014-2015 season is a commemorative year for The Raptors as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary in Toronto.  Every Friday night home game, the team wears purple retro dinosaur jerseys with the team’s original logo. In addition, they have also released a series of bobble heads being given away to the first 5000 fans through the gates of a legendary past team member. JD and I were lucky enough to be one of those lucky fans and we each got a Charles Oakley bobble head. There is still one more retro night left this season on Friday, March 27th as the Toronto Raptors host the Los Angeles Lakers.

Posing with the newly acquired boxed booblehead of Charles Oakley at The Raptors game.
Got my paws on one of the 20th Anniversary retro bobbleheads. It was a bobblehead of Charles Oakley.
A Charles Oakley bobblehead situated next to its box.
Charles Oakley Bobblehead. He was also there that night.
The Raptors started the game coming off of a 3 game losing streak. Everyone was hoping that with it being a retro night, being on home court, a healthy starting lineup and having so much energy from the fans, it was going to be a perfect formula for a win. The city can’t count on the Maple Leafs on bringing home a championship this year, so all eyes are on The Raptors. And the winning formula seemed to work because The Raptors beat the Miami Heat 102-92.
Crowd and court shot of the opening ceremonies for the Raptors 20th Anniversary retro night.
Opening ceremonies for the Raptors retro 20th Anniversary game.
The game and evening was great and exciting in so many ways including:
  • Kyle Lowry seemed to have gotten his grove back on scoring 19 points throughout the game
  • Terrence Ross brought his 3 point magic back and scored 3 – three pointers
  • resident DJ 4Korners kept pumping out the tunes thought the game to keep the fans hyped
  • A fan somehow slipped through the cracks of security and ran across the court as Dwayne Wade was taking a free throw
  • the teams played aggressively and with a sense of urgency that at least 3 plays had to reviewed
  • funny and obnoxious flags with Lou Williams face and the words “Louuuuuuu” streaked down the sidelines throughout the game whenever he scored
  • an endearing tribute video was played honouring Charles Oakley
  • Got to meet up with some Toronto friends and watch the game with them
  • all fans being eligible to redeem their ticket stub for a free slice of pizza from Pizza Pizza because the team won AND scored more than 100 points
Action shot of Terrence Ross shooting a three point shot.
Terrence Ross makes a 3 point shot against the Heat and scores!

Originally when JD and I decided to purchase the tickets for this specific game, we thought that Chris Bosh would be playing. For all of you die hard basketball fans out there, he was a staple player for The Raptors from 2003 to 2010 and then signed with the Miami Heat. Due to some health issues, Bosh is no longer playing for the rest of the season. If he did play that Friday night game, the vibe in the building would have been very different. A mix of appreciation, nostalgia and competitiveness would have certainly been evident.

The Raptors are guaranteed playoff contenders for the 2015-2016 season and we know they will make the city, the province and the country proud. #WeTheNorth.



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