Treasure Hunting at the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market

With the weather being the pitts lately, last Saturday I decided to check out the indoor Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market that was held at the Fieldhouse at Carleton University. Spring is no where to be found as of late, but inside at the show, it resembled being outside as visitors walked across the astro turf in the well light and high ceilinged venue. Treasure hunters of all ages were having a blast swooning and admiring all of the different things that were available for sale. There was a steady stream of visitors at the entrance all afternoon on Saturday. Vendors from all over the area and from as far away as south Western Ontario were at the Ottawa market to showcase their goods.

Seventies style white side tables and chairs.
Some 70s style tables and chairs anyone? They are a fun look!

I have been to this show a handful of times, and always walk away feeling inspired and replaying fond memories of my childhood after seeing toys and memorabilia from my youth. I know I am not that old, but they had some classic books and toys from my childhood like Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham and Fischer Price tape recorders.  As the classic saying goes, “Fashion recycles itself,” the same can also be applied to furniture. Many pieces of restored furniture from all eras were displayed. The retro 70s pieces seemed to draw a lot of attention. The color and shape of chairs, tables and accent pieces were just so fun and carefree. It is no wonder they are making a comeback in this day in age. Maps and postcards capturing old images of various Ontario and Quebec cities and towns were intriguing to look at. I found some old postcards of downtown Toronto. The city looks completely different today than it did 80 years ago. How times have changed with so many buildings and not a lot of green space.

Photo postcards of Old Toronto from the 30s and 40s.
Taking a trip down memory lane with some old photo postcards of Toronto.

One unique vendor that really stood out in my mind, was local Ottawan Jeff Jenkins of Daff Designs. He finds old radios and music players, takes them apart and then updates them with modern technology for resell. At a reasonable price, you can have a piece of history that also plays your favourite music tunes. Jenkins had quite a few of these restored radios on display and allowed visitors to give them a bluetooth test drive with their own personal devices.

Daff Designs takes old radios and music players like this one and replaces the old parts with modern day technology like bluetooth.
A restored music player updated with modern technology by Daff Designs

Wooden crates, whether restored or still in their raw form, seemed to be one of the hottest and sought after items amongst visitors, with myself included. Pintrest boards and home decor blogs all feature these coveted crates.  I had been dreaming of putting one in my living room to use as a  or magazine holder. My dreams were made a reality as I found a varnished wooden crate with the words “Loaded Shot Gun Shells” printed very matter of factly on the side. I saw a handful of old Coca Cola shallow divided crates which looked pretty neat too! As I continued to wander the aisles of the market, I had to be careful not to accidentally whack anyone with my newly acquired piece.

Wooden crate box varnished and restored.
Coveted wooden crate from the mid 20th century.

If you missed the spring Antique & Vintage market, fear not, as this is a semi annual event.  The next show happens in the fall on October 17th and 18th. Remember to subscribe to their mailing list to get reminder, notifications and discount coupons on the entrance fee to the next show. I wonder what the next event’s hot ticket item will be?



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