Vincent – A Women’s Fashion Boutique on Preston

Photo looking into the store, showcasing some of the displays of clothing.

Nestled right in the heart of Little Italy along Preston Street, lies the cutest and trendiest women’s apparel boutique that goes by the name of Vincent. The first time I stepped foot in the store, I was immediately greeted by the smiling faces of the dynamic sister duo of Amanda and Angie. They welcomed me into their store like it was their home. One can’t help but fall in love with the decor, become fashionably inspired and enjoy some good old chit chat. Recently, I got the opportunity to catch up with the sisters and learn more about their inspiration for the store, their passions, sisterly quirks and what lies ahead for Vincent.

A look into the beautiful store from the inside entrance.
A look into the beautiful store from the inside entrance.

Fashionable Beginnings

The Vincent sister team were both introduced to the fashion world at young age, making frequent shopping excursions to Holt Renfrew with their mother. Years later when they were older, they would both work at Holts and learn to appreciate quality pieces by many international designers. Amanda also gained retail and business experience working at Winners and Aritzia. Angie became a makeup artist for a few brands, and currently still works for Bobbi Brown. Together, these two ambitious ladies have an impressive record of over 15 years in the fashion industry.

Photo looking into the store, showcasing some of the displays of clothing.
Racks of high quality and often exclusive brands of clothing line the store. What is your pick?

Who is Vincent?

The name derived from the sisters’ late uncle who was named Vincent. He had an amazing creative aptitude and even painted a copy of the Mona Lisa at age 11. The store was named as a tribute to him and as a way to express and pay homage to their creativity. Vincent has become not only a store, but a hub for women to reach their full potential. Every woman that walks into the store is considered a celebrity, and the outstanding customer service certainly reflects that.

Photo collage wall of photos that all relate back to Vincent.
Creative wall art made up of various photos that all relate back to Vincent.

Sisterly Love 

Vincent is equally Angie as it is Amanda. Without each other, Vincent would not succeed. While some people would not mix family and business together, these two have got it figured out.  They have learned how to maximize on each other’s strengths and have endured the transition of not only being sisters but also business partners. It is all hands on deck at this boutique, as the sisters run all aspects of the business together from buying, to merchandising, to servicing the customers in the store. Between the two of them, they are everything. Both ladies have their own different styles and personalities, however this works to their advantage and adds unique flair and creativity to the store. They follow their own fashion rules and encourage their customers to do the same. What is truly special, is that customers that come into the boutique are receiving service from the same people responsible for buying the merchandise and corresponding with the fashion brands directly.

Amanda and Angie posing together with a greenscape backdrop.
These two amazing ladies are not only sisters, but business partners too. Together, they make Vincent. – photo taken by Kathy Youssef from Fleischer Photography

What is Next for Vincent? 

  • The hunt for great brands to carry in their store and offering a diverse product assortment will always be evolving, just like fashion. Some notable brands that they currently carry are: Bailey 44, Jennifer Zeuner, For Love & Lemons, Monrow, Gypsy 05 and so many more!
  • Personal Style Menu – this comes in the form of closet cleanses where one of the sisters will make a house call and help clients sort, organize and eliminate clothing pieces and wardrobe them so they feel their best and confident
  • Giving Back – Vincent will be participating in Ottawa’s Dress for Success by holding an in-store event on Saturday, April 18th

Advice for Others Looking to Start Their Own Business

When asked what words of wisdom they would give to others looking to start their own business, Amanda replied, “Become a sponge and learn every aspect of the business”. In addition, they talked about still ensuring you do what you love, even if it is outside of the business. Amanda gets out and about with her camera and enjoys photography, while Angie still gets to use her make up artistry skills with Bobbi Brown. Angie and Amanda are walking testaments of how hard work, experience and dedication really pay off.  

Sitting down with Angie and Amanda chatting and gaining insight into how they have become successful.
Taking notes and gaining valuable insight on how these two sisters are so successful.

Vincent is located at 444 Preston St, in Ottawa, ON.



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