World Cup Frenzy

Last night I experienced a new first. Nothing life shattering, but to a sports fanatic it could be.  I watched my first ever World Cup Soccer game.  I met up with some good people at Maclaren’s on Elgin in Ottawa.  Japan was playing against the Ivory Coast in Group C of World Cup soccer.  My friend Kana was full-on nation pride by rocking a Japanese team jersey and brought a flag. I can now understand why people get into the game. The energy and passion is pretty hard to replicate and is something hard to describe in words.

Just a bunch of happy Jappy's cheering on their nation
Just a bunch of happy Jappy’s cheering on their nation

I got to the bar at about the 50 minute mark.  I learned that soccer games are a 90 minute sport. By the time I had gotten there, Japan was up 1-0.  Honda has scored the first goal (no not the company that makes the Civic.  Honda just happens to be a fairly common last name in Japanese culture).  My group of friends were riding on a great high.  Sadly about 10 minutes later, Ivory Coast scored.  We were all heartbroken, but not completely discouraged. There was still about 30 minutes left int he game. About 5 later, Ivory Coast scored again and now the game was 2-1 for them.  And that was how the game would end.

Y'all know who I am cheering for!
Y’all know who I am cheering for!

I was surprised to learn that Canada was not in the tournament. Respectfully so, we had not qualified.  Soccer clearly isn’t our nation’s sport, rather hockey is ;).  If you notice, the Japanese jersey’s are blue.  I asked my Japanese friends why red or white were not prominently displayed. I was told that they wore a “samurai blue” for superstition reasons.  Japan still has a leg to stand on, as they have 2 more games to play in their Group C. From there the best 2 teams in the Group advance to the next round.  Japan and Greece play on Thursday, June 19 at approximately 11am EST. I wonder how many die hard soccer fans are going to call in sick to see their team play?

That kick action by Honda scored Japan's goal.
That kick action by Honda scored Japan’s goal.

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  1. Congrats on watching your first match of the biggest and most watched sporting event of the world!
    I personally like Kagawa (only because I’m a Man U fan), but be on the lookout for Okazaki.
    As a football (I refuse to call it the other name :P) fan, it’s been very hard not to take some days off.

  2. Thank you!

    Soccer/Football seems to have taken the world by storm. It is one of the few international things that truly unite nations together. Doesn’t matter what language you speak, everyone seems to understand the game!

    I can see why you would like Kagawa ;).

    May the best team win!

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